And far...we have saved each other. That's a start. Listen. We don't need to be heroes. All we need to do right now is stay calm and try. And we can do it together.
— Butterfly to Moth.

Butterfly is a playable character in Creepy Castle.

He is the main character of Scenario 2A. He can also be the main character of any free mode scenarios, if he is chosen at the beginning of the game.

Character and Story Edit

Butterfly is first seen in Scenario 1A as an NPC, as well as appearing in illustrations that are featured in the duel guidebooks he's published. Though he was meant to stop the intruder, he stated that he had no desire to do so, understanding that Darking had taken a turn for the worse.

He later sets off to the Ghost Palace in Scenario 2A in order to find and save Moth, after the incident at the City of Light. He finds that Moth has been overtaken by Possessor, and is forced to fight him. At the climax of the battle, Butterfly grabs Moth's blade, and manages to break through the Possessor's control. He then defeats the Possessor to rescue Moth.

Scenario 2B reveals that afterwards, Butterfly convinced Moth to have a bit more faith in himself. The two join forces to fight the Possessor Demon, defeating him. Afterwards, they're seen walking home together and having a conversation in which Butterfly ensures that Moth is going to be alright after dealing with his inner conflicts, and asks if Moth believes that the Possessor is truly gone.

In the game's ending, Butterfly is seen holding hands with Moth. They are heavily implied to have become a couple.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the initial release of the game, Butterfly was referred to with female pronouns. In an update, the developer stated that Butterfly was now a trans male to better reflect on his real-life butterfly.