It's just as Darking said...the reasons why he wanted to make the Heartbreaker...the pain of living is just too great...the permanent change the world takes when you feel the absence of one small spark of life can make the world feel so vast in emptiness...the price of happiness that we must's too much to bear. To even attempt being a's impossible! Why even try?!
— Moth to Butterfly.

Moth is a playable character in Creepy Castle, and can be considered the game's "main character", given his prominence in promotional materials and the trailer.

He is the main character of Scenario 1A and Scenario 2B. He can also be the main character of any free mode scenarios, if he is chosen at the beginning of the game.

Moth is also fought as a boss during Scenario 1B (though it is presumed that this Moth is a part of the Rogue's "simulation"), and Scenario 2A. For these boss fights, see Moth (Boss) and Lost Moth, respectively.

Character and Story Edit

Moth is initially silent, but the trailer shows him as a confident fighter, prepared to take on Darking- though he isn't too confident to scream and cry when his bag of supplies falls off of a cliff.

During the fight with Darking, his facial expression changes from one of happiness to one of pure determination. This expression does not waver when Darking begins criticizing him for attempting to destroy his attempts at uniting the human race.

Once Darking breaks down into tears, Moth is noticeably surprised, and actually begins to cry himself. He is notably hesitant to fight after this occurs, to the point where he only wins the fight because Darking gives up during his Shinken Shirahadori attack.

In Scenario 2B, it's revealed that Moth has a darker, internalized side of him. It appears that Darking's words had a significant effect on Moth, as he openly admits that he believes Darking was in the right. He feels that the pain of living is too much to bear, and that he's not strong enough to be a hero. Butterfly convinces him to keep fighting, however, and the two face the Possessor Demon together.

At the end of Scenario 5, Moth is seen holding hands with Butterfly, watching the Meteor explode.

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Trivia Edit

  • Moth's stats on the character select screen for the free mode scenarios depict him as having a high "lazy" stat. This is most likely not a reflection on his character, but a reference to the game's lead developer, as his online handle is "lazymoth".